Manufactured Superstars ft. Danni Rouge – Like Satellites


Manufactured Superstars have been taking off lately with their catchy house tunes. As they strive to live up to their names, Bradley and Shawn have been touring left and right across America to manufacture their own stardom. In preparation for their forthcoming EP ‘Prepare For Lift Off’, they have just released ‘Like Satellites‘ featuring North-Hollywood-based singer/songwriter Danni Rouge on the vocals, which surely sounds like it will be a fan favorite in the coming weeks as more and more listeners catch onto this track. With the Superstars throbbing drum & percussion loops producing an electrifying storm in the break, at the top of the drop ‘Satellites’ is hurled clean into orbit. This is only phase one of lift off, so stay tuned for the end of this month as the boys will return for the release of their highly anticipated EP.

Manufactured Superstars – Like SatellitesBeatport