Mat Zo Pleads For Fans To “Stop F*cking Shit Up”


Mat Zo
Worldwide social media has been abuzz for the last week regarding the events that have taken place in the last week. Mat Zo has now followed suit, becoming the latest big name artist to come out and express his views on the tragedies that happened at Electric Zoo. Unlike the majority of statements that have come out already, Zo’s message is tinged with anger and places the blame squarely on the shoulder’s of the individual. Additionally, Zo says that the media attacks against EDM festivals are driven by our own doings. The full statement can be read below. What do you think about Mat’s statements?

“If you’re going to take drugs, respect the people around you and everyone else, but most importantly respect yourself! You dont have to use drugs, but obviously some of you are. I’ve seen so many news stories recently about people doing MDMA or drinking too much and either dying or being a complete dick eg. smashing car windows. So i beg you, dont do stupid shit that could harm yourself or other people, cus you’re ruining it for the decent majority of people who just want to have a good time. The mass media has already made people think raves and dance festivals are neon satanic hell holes, do you really want to fuel their campaign? Please stop fucking shit up, thank you”