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Mord Fustang – If You Want

mord_fustang_if_you_wantMord Fustang – If You Want
Genre: Electro House | Label: Plasmapool | Release Date: 02 Sept 2013
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It’s no secret that Estonian producer Mord Fustang makes happy music. Fans have been listening and dancing along to his bubbly, catchy electro house jams for a few years now. Earlier this year, he put up a teaser on SoundCloud, saying he “just wanted to give [us] something right meow”, and last month, he released the track in full. On Tuesday, he surprised us with another one: “If You Want”, out now on Plasmapool Music. Mord explained some of the technical details of how he creates his music in a recent Beatport interview. But for the less tech-savvy, one listen to this new track is all you need to start groovin’.

From the start, “If You Want” draws the listener into a sort of dreamworld, offering layers of syncopated rhythms, ear-pleasing electronic tones and those classic Mord Fustang arpeggio sounds that fans love. The song gets better and better as it builds up and additional layers are added. Even though “Lord Fustang” has stayed true to what makes him unique and recognizable, one could agree that this is a new, evolved sound for him. And luckily for us, there’s even more on the way. “I’m really excited about some new sounds I’ve been playing around with—expect new Mord and new tunes” he stated in the Beatport interview.

Right now, Mord is making appearances around North America, including TomorrowWorld. “If You Want” is available on Beatport and iTunes.

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