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Paul Oakenfold’s ‘Trance Mission’ – New Tour & Album, Bringing Back Classic Trance!

Trance Mission Tuscon
Those of us who love Trance have long defended it against attacks, year after year. Bro-Orcs who blast Electro, Trolls who sit on forums whining about the superiority of Techno & IDM force and other nightmarish creatures can be relentless. We believed in a return one day to the days of pure trance, but we are weary, with our swords chipped, quivers empty. And on the fifth day, those tired and surrounded trance heads among us looked to the West, and saw Paul Oakenfold, riding towards us with a tour and a new album of covers and remixes, heralding the return of Classic Trance.

While calling Paul Oakenfold Gandalf the White may be a bit of a stretch, I could not be more excited for this tour, announced yesterday by Oakenfold himself. He’s got a career that’s longer than most club kids have been alive, a #1 DJMAG DJ title, while seriously influencing both Trance and Worldbeat & inspiring thousands of musicians, producers and DJs world-wide. If anyone can single-handedly ressurect a different style/feel of trance than what is currently being played by Trance DJs, it’s him. Not only is he trying to get away from the anthemic, electro sounds that have begun to dominate some Trance sets these days, but he is choosing much smaller venues than a DJ like him would usually choose. This guy could play any venue in NYC, but he’s hitting up Cielo, a one-room venue that holds 325 max, for example. This is going to be an incredible series, and I highly recommend hitting one of these events up if you can. Tour Details are below. He’s really excited to bring a lot of the more hypnotic and dare I say, vintage, sounds back into the Trance space, and I could not be happier. His album is expected to drop in early 2014, so get ready for a Trance-y new year.

Trance Mission Tour Dates
10/26/13 – Ruby Skye, San Francisco CA
10/31/13 – The Catalyst, Santa Cruz CA
11/1/13 – Rialto Theater, Tucson AZ
11/2/13 – Avalon, Hollywood CA
11/7/13 – Beta, Denver CO
11/8/13 – Voyeur, San Diego CA
11/9/13 – HHH Festival, Mexico City MX
11/15/13 – Gossip, Vancouver BC
11/16/13 – SET Nightclub, Edmonton AB
11/21/11 – Whisper, Philadelphia PA
11/22/13 – Elekctricity, Pontiac MI
11/23/13 – The MID, Chicago IL
11/24/13 – Cielo, New York NY
12/13/13 – Phoenix, Charlotte NC
12/14/13 – Gryphon, Hollywood FL
12/19/13 – Bear Booth Theater, Anchorage AK
12/21/13 – Foundation Room, Seattle WA

Terry Gotham
Terry Gotham
I’ve had the luck to see the sunrise in Miami, London, Ibiza, DC, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Prague, Casablanca, LA and of course, Black Rock City. I’ll be writing about different scenes, emerging music and wild parties. I’ve graciously been picked up by EDMTunes to provide correspondence from NYC and commentary on the changing scene. Hit me up on Twitter
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