Are Sebastian Ingrosso, Will.I.Am, Otto Knows Involved in the Production of Britney Spears’s “Work Bitch”?


Britney Spears is releasing a new single called ‘Work Bitch’ and recently posted a photo to Instagram of the alleged artists credited with working on the track. Fans of electronic music might have been horrified to see some most beloved names sitting right next to one who is considered persona non grata in EDM – Both Sebastian Ingrosso, former member of the trio known as Swedish House Mafia, and Otto Jettman (otherwise known as Otto Knows) are listed in the credits for ‘Work Bitch.’ However, in a recent discussion with Billboard, Ingrosso indicates that although he is ‘good friends with’ he did not work on the song. The mix up may have been attributed to the fact that he does manage Otto Knows, who is rightly credited on the new Britney Spears track dropping Tuesday. Either way, this wouldn’t have been the first time Ingrosso worked with, nor would it have been the last judging from the well spoken manner in which he referred to the former Black Eyed Pea member.

Sebastian Ingrosso explained, “I’m good friends with He called me up and said ‘I’m doing Britney’s new album, do you have any beats for me to write on? I’m always involved musically with the people I manage. I manage two artists right now, Otto Knows and Alesso, and I’m always involved. I say to my artists, ‘You should do a little more like that, maybe do it more like this,’ that’s my job.”

via – Billboard