TomorrowWorld & MCP Presents Release Discount Festival Passes


Tomorrowland, one of the EDM flagship festivals, is just over two weeks away from it’s American debut, TomorrowWorld.  Fortunately for many of us who are on the fence about attending, there are still tickets left, although, Saturday single passes were just announced to be sold out.

Even more fortunately, for those of us whose festival experience was just a slight bit out of their price range, festival promoter MCP Presents, of Camp Bisco & Counterpoint fame has partnered with the festival powerhouse to release a $50 dollar discount on 3 day full madness passes.

This makes the event + Dreamville = $347.  Event only tickets are now below the 300 mark at $297.

Two get your tickets, here’s a quick two-step process:

1) Click here.

2) Enter “tw13mcppresents” (no quotes) in the voucher code.

Here’s to hoping this helps make a few additional dreams of making the T-world experience a reality.