Webster Hell: A Night to Behold


As the days tick down towards Halloween, the people of New York City get prepared for the 40th annual Halloween Parade. And while these proud parents and common folk get ready for a day full of festivities, there are a few devil’s advocates that are instead preparing for the debauchery that is Halloween night. Innocently enough, there will be a float riding through the parade that is unlike the others. Filled with lustful zombies and undead DJs, the Webster Hall Zombie Rave float will be mixed into the line of child friendly, halloween themed contraptions. But this article is not about that. It is the rest for the night that is the concern here. Get your tickets!

As the sun descends over the city, Webster Hell will open its doors at 8 p.m. and welcome inside unsuspecting victims for a memorable night never to be seen again. Much like Dante’s Inferno, there are four floors that line the depths of this hell, each filled with its own variation of heart attack inducing dance music, hair extension raising spectacles; a mausoleum lined with ghastly ghouls, fire-wielders, and flying flesh eaters, all playing an integral part to the most sinister costume ball of the year.

But this night would not be complete without some thanks to the gods of death and destruction themselves, and so in Webster Hell tradition, there will be a virgin sacrifice. Yes, an unsuspecting victim will be picked from the crowd at midnight and sent up 40 feet in the air where the gods will pluck her from her pentagram pedestal in a blaze of glory; a true spectacle to behold. Then, in gluttonous fashion, the best ghoul will be rewarded for honoring its hellish counterpart in a $5000 costume contest. Just remember the devil is not a fan of CVS and that it will take some next level skill to pull off this win.

If I wasn’t able to convince you then this video will do the trick. Go ahead and watch it and book your ticket for the night of a life time.