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Zedd & Hayley Williams – Stay the Night (Official Music Video)

Quick on the heels of their September 10th release of Stay the Night, Zedd and Haley Williams have released their official music video to support the track.

Zedd is positioning himself as one of the most broadly creative artists we have seen in awhile, and it shows in more than just his music.  This video keeps with his general perspective of shining the spotlight on his vocal talent, mixing in a dance number with some classical undertones.  It’s high energy, at times even frantic, and fits the tune perfectly.

Gideon Miller
I spend my weeks hard at work, "one deeper" inside corporate America, headphones in, getting my fix as a progressive house and trance 2.0 junkie. On the weekends though...I am on a quest to experience the best electronica our world has to offer.
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