20th Century Fox Picks Up David Katzenberg To Direct Diplo’s EDM Movie



The still-unnamed movie, heralding the EDM craze featuring Diplo has a new director. The 20th Century Fox-backed project has picked up David Katzenberg. While little details have been released, we do know that Noah Rothman will be executive producer along with Diplo & Kevin Kusatsu. The script is currently being re-written and loosely described as “8 Mile” meets “Project X.” If the story of three kids trying to get to Diplo’s music festival can be as compelling as Go (a personal favorite), then we may have a winner on our hands. However, considering how bad Party Monster was, there’s definitely room for failure in this space. The director has done some interesting work for MTV and his production company KatzSmith Productions, is developing “Beetlejuice 2” (with Tim Burton of course) and a few other properties that could be very lucrative if executed properly. Just like this picture. Diplo evokes brand love among his following and he could do well with millions of people putting a face to his beats & twerky goodness. (via TheWrap)