Beamz by Flo Rida Bites Back at Deadmau5 in New Promo Video


Just when we thought the funny remarks and name-calling has come to an end between Beamz and Deadmau5, the fire has reignited between the two. ‘Beamz By Flo’ company just released a promo video for their ‘technology’, but it seems like their incentive for such advertisement was not to promote their item, but instead as a low blow at Mau5. In case you haven’t been on top of the interactions between the two counterparts, Deadmau5 has been putting the Beamz company on blast for as long as most of us have heard of the company, whether it was in the form of an instagram, tweet, or shoutout during his infamous coffee run. Beamz has made it obvious that this product could be played by anyone… apparently it’s so damn easy that even a mouse could do it. Is this a low blow or just plain ole marketing by the Beamz peeps? Well whatever it is, we love it and can’t wait for deadmau5’s response.