Comedian Russell Peters Pokes Fun at DJing


The hilarious Russell Peters took a jab at the art of DJing on his tour. Supposedly the Canadian was a prominent DJ in his local scene before making it as a comedian, therefore, he knows exactly what he’s joking about. Peters remarks in the video above that people spend a lot of money to watch a DJ put his hands in the air and not much of anything else. Now I certainly enjoy laughing at myself, but was the reaction from the audience entirely worth it? While Peters can deliver a side splitting joke, he really just said out loud what some people just keep in their minds during a David Guetta show. With the DJ technology we have today, its easy to just push buttons and let the computer take care of it, and I’ve seen DJs on their phones waiting to just sync up the next track; but I’ve also seen DJs working the decks how its supposed to be done. I for one, didn’t necessarily laugh at Peters crack, not because I’m angry he’s mocking DJs, I just think its a cheap shot. Don’t let me speak for you though, check it out for yourself below and let us know what you think.