Comissioner Pitts of Atlanta Applauds TomorrowWorld; Festival Committed to Stay for 8-10 Years


Over the past weekend, Fulton County welcomed 140,000 people from almost 100 countries over the world for TomorrowWorld.  By now, we’ve all heard of the successes of the festival with regards to bad press: there were no fights, hardly any arrests, and just seventeen medical incidents. That is nothing short of impressive and everyone, from Fulton County government officials to Tomorrowworld officials, should be applauded for that accomplishment.

Given the successes of the inaugural Tomorrowworld festival, during a board of commissioners meeting that took place in Atlanta, Commissioner Robb Pitts applauded TomorrowWorld, and congratulated all of those involved in putting together an amazing event. Fulton County economically benefited from TomorrowWorld immensely. The insurgence of cash into the county’s economy, combined with almost zero problems with law enforcement lead the commissioner to wholeheartedly support TomorrowWorld’s presence in Fulton County for the next eight to ten years! Take a look at the video above for a clip straight from the meeting. It is a wonderful bit of press for our scene, especially considering the outbreak of bad press earlier this year.