Despite Record-Breaking Success, Avicii Has Little Faith for Future of EDM



Deadmau5 isn’t the only brooding, opinionated DJ/producer who chooses to filter sounds with a mixing board and not his words in the public sphere.  Tim Bergling a.k.a. Avicii a.k.a. Mr. Levels has also been known to freely speak his mind like the mau5 when it comes to djing, his success, and the state of dance music.  In his most recent interview with The Guardian, Avicii offered a rather cynical perspective regarding the current direction of music despite his recent successes.  He points out the vapid nature of the barreling freight train that is the EDM boom, stating that,”House music is losing all its melody as it becomes more about how dirty the drop is and how energetic it is. It loses touch with what music really is. It’s gotten to a point where everything sounds the same.”  He infers the possibility of a bubble bursting if the course of lackluster creativity were to stay the same, claiming,”there is no longevity in what’s happening at the moment.”  His pessimism cuts even deeper with his comparison of Ibiza and Vegas, expressing that “Ibiza is about passion for music, Vegas doesn’t feel real. It’s a product.”  But, the irony in that statement is that Tim is a part of that product and enjoys the monetary benefits from the “money making machine” that is Vegas.  The interview is telling of Avicii’s internal strife as an artist and EDM poster boy as he speaks about his insecurities and desire to push the envelope in dance music.  Frankly, we as fans just want to hear quality music come out of this suffering and sounds like Avicii has the desire to deliver.  Check out the interview in its entirety at The Guardian.