Diddy Promises to Deliver The ‘Best of EDM’ on New TV Music Network


P. Diddy has announced a new multi-platform, multi-genre “music network” that will include, big surprise, EDM. He dropped a quick & dirty faux PSA declaring that the “best of rock, the best of EDM, the best of hip hop, the future of music” would be played, and if you look at the video stills that flash, Blues, Trap, Dubstep, Dance, Soul, R&B, Disco, Funk & Jazz are also listed. It’s definitely the first time I’ve heard a hip hop mogul say they’d drop country “if it was funky enough.” While I’m not sure there’s anyone “afraid” to play EDM or certain genres of music, I’m eager to see how this goes. The #IamRevolt hash tag is here, with VJ contests starting up already. The Facebook (3730 likes), Instagram (81,400+ followers), Twitter (38,000+ followers), tumblr & YouTube (31,000+ subscribers) channels are up and competent, with the TV going live in 16 days. This should be an interesting addition to the music programming landscape, especially if Diddy is serious about really bringing non-commercially safe music to the foreground, then he’ll get serious respect from me.