DJ Fresh VS. Jay Fay feat. Ms. Dynamite – Dibby Dibby Sound


You may not have heard of 19-year-old St. Louis producer Jay Fay, but his original track “Dibby Dibby” caught the attention of UK drum and bass legend DJ Fresh recently. Released on a Moombahton Forever compilation earlier this year, “Dibby Dibby” has been revamped masterfully by the producer. The new collaboration has a heavy bassline, moombahton breaks and the energetic vocals of Ms. Dynamite, a rapper well-known in her hometown of London.

This new single, a follow-up to his latest joint effort with Diplo, “Earthquake”, showcases a new, different style of producing for DJ Fresh. Branching out from his original old-school DnB and jungle sounds, these new tracks have a more danceable, twerkable feel. These exciting new collaborations with US producers have been generating buzz and mark new territory for the mainly UK-based producer. “Dibby Dibby Sound” will be featured on DJ Fresh’s fourth studio LP, set to be out on the Ministry of Sound next year. You can stream it below.