Feed Me Offers Full Album Stream of ‘Calamari Tuesday’ in Celebration of Release Day


Jon Gooch, and alter ego Feed Me, offers a full stream of his album following the release of Calamari Tuesday.

Gooch has spent the better part of the last two years touring. He has played shows across the world, and really seeks to express this wide array of influences through his album. In ‘Calamari Tuesday,’ Gooch gives us a glimpse into the world of Feed Me.

In Gooch’s own words about the album:

“Hello, this is my first full-length album. It represents a journey through various styles of music, two years of intensive touring around the world in a variety of incredible locations, and the construction of my live show and imaginary friend, from sketches into tangible reality. It’s something I now see as a collaboration between me and Feed Me. It’s very serious.”

This series of fifteen tracks between Gooch and Feed me are nothing straight-foreword or predictable. Touches of electro house that switch suddenly to ambient vocals, orchestral pads drop into dance floor madness; all in all it solidifies Gooch as one of the most talented and unique acts to see. ‘Calamari Tuesday’ is set to release today off of Sotto Voce, Feed Me’s own label. Sotto Voce gives Gooch’s Machiavellian-Alter-Ego “Feed Me” a home, alongside his other alias’ Spor and Seventh Stitch, as well as other artists Gooch Admires.

In celebration of today being Tuesday, he will be hosting a live YouTube live hangout right HERE; it will be commencing in a short while.

Order the album off of iTunes, here