Miley Cyrus Continues to Sing About Molly Despite Ongoing Critics, Dangers and Concerns



The twerking freak show that is Miley Cyrus is at it again.  The full remix of French Montana’s “Ain’t Worried About Nothin'” was recently released this week, and it sounds like Miley just can’t keep her fascination with “Molly” to herself.  Within her lyrically shallow and utterly useless cameo, Miley sings “Popped a molly and you know, you know you’ll never stop.  You think I’m turnt up, wait until my album drops”.  This isn’t the first time she’s referenced the drug in a song which is currently under the national media’s “journalistic” microscope.  In her single “We Can’t Stop”, Miley croons, “We like to party, dancing with Molly”. Originally, Miley claimed that the lyrics were “dancing with Miley”, blaming the confusion on her country accent.  Later, she confessed that she was, in fact, talking about “rolling” and just wanted the track to be played on the radio.  Since the consequences for the obvious deception were minimal, Miley continues to recklessly glorify using the drug in her lyrics.  Now, neither of those tracks can be classified as electronic dance music.  But, she is promoting the use of a drug that continues to damage the reputation of rave culture and its participants.  Naturally, one would feel compelled to address Miley and her Gene Simmons tongue: a negligent tongue that dislikes staying in her mouth in the presence of a camera.  So, here’s an attempt at reaching out to a Hannah Montana that is buried deep beneath a confused Miley Cyrus.

Dear Miley,

It’s very clear that you are grossly confused about what it means to be grown.  You’ve defined it to the world by shedding your innocence as Hannah Montana and proclaimed your transition into womanhood through a calculated marketing scheme.  Nudity, twerking, drug use, an oversexualized persona, partying, and an entitlement to all of the above apparently spells out “grown up” for you. This may come as a shock, but none of those behaviors qualify you as an adult, rather they are behaviors in which some adults choose to partake in.

Being grown means understanding the influence you hold as a celebrity in the public eye and realizing the potential ramifications of your actions.  So, throwing the word Molly and its use around thoughtlessly without any precaution or informed rhetoric is irresponsible and can negatively impact youth culture.  If you’re going to openly parade your drug use around, use social media or other tools to direct your audience to information where they can learn how to safeguard themselves and be responsible if they too choose to partake.  The knowledge of how a drug like Molly affects your body and how to manage the risk of taking it could mean the difference between life or death.  If you continue to paint an unrealistic picture that it’s alright to “never stop” than you’re either too stupid to see the damage you’re causing or so devoid of morals that you just don’t care.

Stop singing about Molly.  Make better music.  Do some squats.  Keep your tongue in your mouth.