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Singularity – Rift EP

Singularity – Rift EP
Label: Play Me Records | Released: October 28th, 2013
If you’re a fan of the musical genius that is Singularity, you probably already know that his new EP ‘Rift’ was released this morning. Those of you who are unaware are in for quite a treat. Singularity has made it clear that he is efficient in several different sub-genres of EDM from melodic dubstep, ┬áto down tempo trap, to even mellow jazz influenced electro. This 4 song set is all around gorgeous no matter what the tempo may be. As fans of his have grown to expect, the EP is full of beautiful chord progression and ambiance, intricate drum patterns, and musicality that would make Mozart proud. Of course, no fantastic release would be complete without the featured artists who have made quite prominent appearances. Accompanying all these wonderful traits, the always wonderful piano stylings of Evan Duffy, and vocals by Anna Yvette, Jenn Lucas, and of course Singularity himself. No matter how much is said about this 4 song masterpiece, nothing will do it justice other than listening for yourself.

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