David Guetta and The United Nations Team Up for ‘The World Needs More’ Campaign


DJs today are no longer anonymous performers, known only by a small group of ardent followers. They are now global icons who can reach millions of followers with a simple Tweet or Facebook post. It is only fitting then that they have begun to use their new found fame and fortune to benefit the greater good, and David Guetta is the latest to ¬†attach himself to a cause he believes in. Teaming up with the United Nations, Guetta has pledged his support to The World Needs More campaign, which is dedicated to helping relief efforts all over the world. Working on the promotion and awareness side, Guetta premiered his new music video for the song One Voice on the side of the UN Building and is promoting the new Twitter campaign, which partners big businesses with certain hashtags to raise money for a wide array of issues. More about the partnership as well as an interview about “The World Needs More” campaign ¬†can read through the Huffington Post.