Deadmau5 Explains His Reasoning For Leaving Twitter



The biggest news today is that deadmau5 has decided to leave his Twitter in the hands of his management team instead of tweeting on his own. While the initial news of Joel’s departure from the Twitterverse was announced alongside the release of some new music yesterday, the reasoning behind the move was not. Earlier today, that dead mouse guy took to his Tumblr account to explain why he’s leaving, what his future plans are, and to thank his fans for understanding. This makes perfect sense. The mau5 wants to focus on music. He uploaded seven new tracks to his Soundcloud earlier in the week, and he’s been posting videos and pictures of new studio equipment at a rapid pace. Unfortunately, in the past, deadmau5 has tangled with the wrong kind of fans (you don’t mess with Beliebers and Gaga fanatics!) and Twitter has just been full of negativity for him:

I’m no longer going to be managing my own twitter account for “deadmau5”. I’m going to let management deal with that account. My reasons are my own, not because of something i said, not because of this hilarious I.R.A. vs “ira” craic, not because of lady gaga’s infinite legions of brain dead fans. but as i said… reasons of my own.
Perhaps ill return to that in world as some reincarnation of sort, but for now, that’s off the table for me. I’ll continue to upload new music to my soundcloud, and the twitter account will point you in the right direction for the most recent happenings… but enough’s enough with living on twitter. Time to at least start by living in the studio making music without having to be force-fed stupid shit that annoys me, when all i’m trying to do is connect with fans.
as for the fans, thanks for all your continued support and understanding of my decision to personally unplug myself from the very thing that’s making me upset. As i’ve mentioned, the account will remain alive, and *my team* (yeah i went there) will keep you just as updated on the ongoings with new music and shit that actually matters.
To leave you with some good news, my new Tricaster arrives today. SO perhaps ill be streaming video with direct audio a lot more often.
thanks for having my back on this one.

While it will be sad to no longer see Joel’s presence on Twitter, this is clearly what the DJ wants and he’s turning this situation into more opportunities to do what he loves: make music.