EDM Dating Website’s Launch Arouses Mixed Feelings



So just when you thought you had seen everything, something new comes around and just blows your mind. Ladies and gentleman, may we introduce you to the newest online dating website, EDM-DATE.COM. Designed a a site where singles who like electronic music and attending shows can meet and interact with each other, EDM-DATE is only the latest in a long line of those who have attempted to monetize our scene, albeit this time in a very creative way. Prompting users to make a profile, EDM-DATE asks standard questions about you such as your height, where you live, and your profession. Additionally, it also asks how often you smoke, drink, and then asks you to write a description of yourself. After your profile is completed and approved by the site, you are free to search for members in your area and connect through the sites messaging system, maybe finding your one true Rave King or Queen. The site even includes tips on how to set up and be safe on a first date with some you meet.

Our society has obviously entered a new age, where the internet plays a major factor in all of our everyday lives. However, nothing quite compares to going to a show and coming out with tons of new friends, maybe even a love interest, simply because you were dancing next to each other at your favorite artists or making candy next to each other. Keep it natural. But if that’s not for you, EDM-DATE.COM has got you covered