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Excision Builds Hype for Forthcoming Winter Tour with Electrifying New Single, ‘Get Stupid’

The man is at it again. In what has become a tradition of epic proportions, Excision will once again embark on an insane tour spanning some 30 states and 55+ shows in total. This time around he is bringing The Executioner, his 28 foot wide, 15 foot tall video and lighting system. But wait, I haven’t told you the crem de la crem of any Excision show. I remember two years ago he came to NYC with an air conditioning unit 100,000 watts of PK sound. Well forget what you heard (or won’t be able to hear hereafter) because this time around,  150,000 watts of pure bass are being utilized.  But oh wait, there’s more. Joining Excision on this tour is none other than Canada’s own Ill Gates and the drum and bass masters Dirtyphonics. Commence clothe changing.

There’s no way this could get better right? Wrong. Excision is also releasing a brand new track with Space Laces entitled ‘Get Stupid’. I have been told that my explanation of this track is not suitable for publication, so I will just leave a warning instead: if listening to this track at home, please wear a helmet. Refrain from listening to this track while operating heavy machinery. Head banging will ensue.” The track is out on Monday, November 25th and can be listened to here.

James Brannigan
James Brannigan
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