Ferry Corsten – Many Ways ft. Jenny Wahlstrom (Official Music Video)


Ferry Corsten has been a deity of mine for years, with Corsten’s Countdown being my favorite part of hitting the gym during the week. He’s been rocking dance floors with his godlike crowd sense and astonishing track choices for longer than I’ve known that Trance was a genre. Besides his venue-filling signature DJ sets, his production career spans decades (with my personal favorite track, Gouryella, recently getting a lot of airtime) and the man’s work continues to win all over the place.

His new single “Many Ways” is a quick, but fantastic anthem trance track with a dreamy quality that matches the video. A mannequin straddling the line between real & imaginary with her gait & the terrifyingly convincing make-up wanders through somewhere awesome wanting to be a real girl. It evokes strong feelings about needing to fit in, be loved and feeling out of place, even when you’re “attractive.” The story is understated and easy to miss if you’re distracted by the amazing beats & playful vocals by Jenny Wahlstrom. Check it out, and stay strong out there all my girls who feel like objects in the scene. People do see you for who you are. The right ones anyway.

The single is out on Flashover Recordings and you can grab it on iTunes & Beatport.