Nero Announces Second Studio Album to Come in 2014


Nero, the well respected and highly praised British bass music trio have been all but highly active on the scene since releasing their instantly legendary first studio album “Welcome Reality” way back in 2011. The album soared to #1 on the UK charts and the group became instant headliners and tier 1 acts, earning a place among dance musics most respected performers, thus making their absence from the scene noticeable to say the least. Well luckily, sometime in 2014 we can expect them to come back into the spotlight with their second full length studio album! With a short message apologizing for their lack of publicized activity, the group uploaded a 30 minute eery, abstract and white noise based sound to their soundcloud page that’s filled with low bass riffs, random noises and sudden attacks of static (headphone users beware….). Perhaps this is a heavily looped introduction to the first song on the album? Or maybe the beginning of the first single? We’ll just have to wait and see, Nero personally saying that their will be more announcements “soon”……