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Rebecca & Fiona – Hot Shots ft. Vice

They may be platform boot wearing divas, but don’t let their innocent  looks fool you, because this dynamic duo are as talented and hardworking as musicians come. Hailing from Sweden, Rebecca & Fiona have taken the world by storm killing dance floors on a global scale. Rebecca & Fiona draw on different musical styles and eras paired with fresh electronic beats and their own ethereal vocals which characterize their unique and spunky sound. They have a knack for charming audiences with their hot DJ skills and their rebellious personalities that exude a hint of girl power. If you don’t immediately recognize them, perhaps their vocals on Kaskade’s hit ‘Turn It Down‘ will jog your memory.

Earlier this year, Rebecca & Fiona found huge success with the releases of their singles ‘Union’ and ‘Taken Over’, but since then the girls have been rather quiet…until now. Teaming up with LA native electro house producer, Vice, R&F reveal their next big single, ‘Hot Shots‘. As usual this track features the airy vocals of Rebecca & Fiona which are from and center until the supporting instrumental reaches a crescendo and driving 80’s style synth melody takes the lead to harmonize perfectly with the chorus. This is bound to be a “Hot Shot”!

Hot Shots‘ will be released November 25th, 2013 on the album Dance (Red), Save Lives 2, which is in support of the (Red) campaign and all proceeds will be contribute to the fight against Aids

Marijke U.
House Head. Kaskade Freak. Los Angeles. Tweet Me: @marijkedmt
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