TST & Alvaro – Out Of Control


TST and Alvaro have just released a high energy preview for their upcoming track “Out Of Control”, set to drop November 25.  TST, “The Sound of Tiesto” is a moniker that the Musical Freedom label head sometimes uses on his work.  In this case, it adds a significant weight to his tremendous new collaboration with Alvaro.  The two Dutch stars have worked together before, and Alvaro played support at a number of shows on Tiesto’s College Invasion Tour.  “Out of Control” marks Tiesto’s continuation in the house genre, despite his hints at returning to his trance roots.  With his recently released track “iTrance”, Tiesto suggested that he might be returning to the life of the trance king he once was.  But “Out Of Control” says otherwise, and it seems like something straight out of “Club Life”.  Even if Tiesto is moving back to trance, he’s certainly not leaving house behind any time soon and if tracks like this continue to roll out we could even see a new house album.  At the Amsterdam Dance Event in an interview with Hardwell, Tiesto said that he would be bringing new material perhaps in the form of a new album in 2014.  After the release of both “iTrance” in one genre and “Out Of Control” in another, we really have no idea where TST will be headed next.  But wherever it is, it’s sure to keep everyone on the edge of their seats, no matter if it is in house, trance, or wherever Tiesto decides to go next.