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Calvin Harris Surprises with 2 New Singles: ‘Wives Get Lonely Too’ & ‘Love’s Recipe’

The genres R&B and Soul doesn’t quite coincide with the genre of music that Calvin Harris usually releases, but thats all changed now with his two newly released groovy singles “Love’s Recipe” and “Wives Get Lonely Too”. Inspired by 1970s bands that were all about the baby-making music, Calvin incorporates a sooth-sounding feel to these unreleased demos. As you listen below, you can’t help but wonder how they would play out live or if this was just an experiment. Either way, keep em coming Calvin, we dig it. The two can be purchased together on iTunes.

According to sources,

Previously unreleased, this 1972 pair of Calvin Harris’ masterfully crafted Earl Wiley-produced sweet soul demos might’ve stayed totally unknown, if it weren’t for Ed Cody’s devious forethought. An engineer at Chicago’s Stereosonic facility, Cody duped himself a submaster reference copy of the complete session. In ’73, Wiley heard “Love Won’t Pay The Bills” on 45 – credited to a group called Elevation – and instantly recognized the Cody-engineered track as his own. Nearly 40 years later, through Numero Group research into Stereosonic, Cody, and Wiley, a cache of Cody masters presented themselves for new evaluation. The alternately buoyant and sobering odes to domesticity reproduced here finally grant honey-voiced Harris and the talented Wiley their long-deserved due.

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