Dillon Francis Teams Up with Epic Meal Time


Producer/DJ Dillon Francis is a man of many talents. He produces, he DJ’s, he’s Dillon Francis, and he’s just teamed up with Harley (a.k.a. Sauce Boss) to display another skill of his; cooking up a mean and monstrous quesadilla (personally customized to Francis’s fancy). If you’re not familiar with the YouTube channel Epic Meal Time’s “Handle It” webisodes, these specific videos show you at home how to create the featured specialty dish, and this week’s epic meal is appropriately dubbed the “Quesadillon Francis”. This immensely educational video doesn’t just have cooking tips and instruction on how to create this beastly Mexican treat, but is filled with fun factoids about Dillon, including his other food of specialty, the fact that he hates peppers, and the three beautiful colors that are representative of his immaculate body. You give us so much. Thank you, Dillon, thank you.