Electric Forest Reveals 2014 Dates and Ticket Information


With the end of the year closing in, next year’s festival season awaits us. With Ultra releasing Phase one of their lineup, Insomniac releasing brand new locations for their “On the Road to EDC Las Vegas” shows, Electric Zoo revealing a new Mexico location, and more, it seems to be that time again to start planning for your 2014 festival season. Another one of those festivals to start planning for is Madison House Presents and Insomniac’s Electric Forest Festival held in Rothbury, Michigan at the Double JJ Resort. Electric Forest showcases the perfect combination of both electronic music acts and jam bands held within a camping setting. Madison House Presents and Insomniac recently released a video revealing that next year’s Electric Forest will be held from June 26-29. Electric Forest goers from last year will have the opportunity first to buy tickets through the loyalty program where they will have a 24 hour window to purchase them on January 6 starting at $199. Electric Forest also unveiled their first ever “Three in the Forest” loyalty program for those who have attended the first 3 years of the festival giving them the opportunity to buy 2 GA or 2 Good Life tickets withing the 24 hour window. For everybody else, tickets will be sold on January 7 and will be done so in tiers starting at $219, so grab them as soon as you can! And while we all wait for the end of June to come around, make sure to check out the video below as “The Journey Begins.”