All Of Ferry Corsten’s Countdown Now Available On Soundcloud!


Corsten's Countdown

Ferry Corsten’s Countdown is one of our favorite weekly podcasts here at EDMTunes & it sucks heavily when one of us is stuck unable to listen to the stream in real-time. Apparently, Ferry heard our prayers and for weeks now, the clever among us have noticed every so often, a couple of the Corsten’s Countdown shows have been uploaded.  I didn’t think anything of it the first couple of times, but as the numbers counted down backwards over the weeks, I began to hope. Hopes have been answered.

Today, the final upload occurred. Ferry Corsten’s weekly podcast in it’s entirety is now available to stream, for zero dollars, on Soundcloud. The mind reels. I linked his first one, dating back to July 4th, 2007. I had no idea I had another thing to celebrate on that day, but now I can celebrate the birthday of America and Ferry’s excellent podcast come Independence Day 2014. There’s hundreds of hours of Trance music waiting for you. Go nuts.