Flosstradamus Releases Mixtape on ‘Vape Drives’


In an age where listeners refuse to pay even $0.99 for a song, artists are squeezing their creative juices not only for musical masterpieces, but also entrepreneurial gumption. Not all DJs can imitate Pretty Lights’s all-music-for-free model, nor are they all serendipitous enough to land reality shows like Pauly D. So, in the spirit of lucrative, thinking outside the box, trap duo Flosstradamus turned to vaporizers.

The first of its kind, the $50 ‘vape drive’ is a trap lover’s dream chimera of a portable vaporizer and 6GB hard drive storing the third of Flosstradamus’s Banned Mix series Banned 3D. According to the duo’s Facebook, Banned 3D is “the first mixtape to literally get you HAF.” But duly disclaimed on the website: “This product is intended to be used with aromatherapy herbs” or your favorite oils. Also included in the order is a wall charger and packing device for users’ convenience.

Unfortunately Christmas is over, but with the New Year around the corner, ‘Staying Plurnt’ may not be such a bad resolution to add to your 2014 list. Shipping begins the week of January 1st, but you can order your vape drive today!