Jewelz & Scott Sparks feat. Quilla – Unless We Forget



Jewelz & Scott Sparks feat. Quilla – Unless We Forget
Label: Revealed Recordings | Release Date: January 13th, 2013

Having just broken into the scene just barely one year ago with their unique-sounding hit “Flashbang”, Jewelz & Scott Sparks have come a long way in terms of worldwide recognition since then and have successfully built themselves a niche ‘JSS-signature’ genre under the vast EDM umbrella. Not only have their humor and music allow them to continuously expand their fan base, but the best critics in the industry who are constantly looking for new sounds, such as Fedde Le Grand and Hardwell, have been supporting and signing JSS’ releases under their record labels. It is a rare sight to see producers sticking to their true-selves nowadays like the German duo and not fall prey to the big-room/banger shortcuts that are becoming expectable and unoriginal. “Unless We Forget” marks the first JSS single with vocals and the Canadian vocalist, Quilla, compliments well with the industrial-sounding beats and the progressive melodies. Will need to wait for the turn of the new year for this release so don’t miss out on the short preview of “Unless We Forget” below!