Kaskade – Atmosphere Tour: A Play-by-Play Review


Six shows. Four cities. One Atmosphere.

The lights dim, the crowd cheers and buzzes with the energy left behind from Amtrac and Late Night Alumni’s stellar performances, but the best is yet to come. As the anticipation builds, the crowd begins to chant, “Kaskade, Kaskade, Kaskade”. In answer to the call, an ethereal glow appropriately spotlights the stage as Haley’s vocals send chills throughout the crowd with the opening track ‘Floating’. The crowd is fully entranced and ready for take off into the Atmosphere. From the shadows, out steps our guide, Kaskade to deliver a flawless live performance of his hit ‘Atmosphere’. The Freaks join in to sing along and even solely deliver some of the call vocals on the track. The music picks up and dancing and cheers erupt from the crowd in unison as lights come alive from the stage to engulf the crowd.  Blast off! The captain hangs up his mic to take control of the decks and seamlessly transitions the energy into ‘Feeling The Night’. The stage comes to life as large sail-like panels covered in lights rise from the ground, sending rays of blues and purples through out the space. The euphoria sky rockets as we continue on our journey on the alien space ship through the atmosphere, “nothing could be more right, I sure love feeling the night.” We are just beginning to learn the potential of our spaceship as huge rectangular LED panels move around the crowd like windows that catch glimpses of the whimsical atmosphere as we pass by. Ladies and Gentleman we are just getting started.

Featured in Part 1:

Kaskade — Floating
Kaskade — Atmosphere [live] Kaskade — Feeling The Night (Extended)
Kaskade & Deadmau5 vs. Thomas Sagstad & Benjamind — Move For Me Jaguar (Kaskade’s Atmosphere Mash Up)
Kaskade vs. Hook N Sling — Celebrate Sorry (Kaskade’s Atmosphere Mash Up)

Just when it seems like a good time to relax and settle in, every thing erupts in flames and there is a ‘Fire In Your New Shoes making everyone ‘Rage’.  Kaskade guides us through unforgettable tempo changes, reminding us that following the beat will always guide us out of the heat. Jumping, cheering, whooping and the reassuring leader call “Come oooonnnn Los Angeleeeesss!” makes The Freaks surrender to the night.  Tell your soul to ‘Be Still’, you are in good hands, so ‘Why Ask Why’? The windows reveal to us the city we have all left behind for a night in the Atmosphere. We can all look back with wonder, because up here, ‘Know One Knows Who We Are’.  Kaskade relinquishes control to the one and only Lights to sing the anthem of our generation. Another spine tingling sing along as we all shout in unison, “WE ARE RIGHT NOW!”

Featured in Part 2:

Kaskade vs. Deniz Koyu — Fire In Your New Rage (Kaskade’s Atmosphere Mash Up)
Kaskade vs. Paris & Simo — Be Still Avon (Kaskade’s Atmosphere Mash Up)
Kaskade & Late Night Alumni — Why Ask Why (Digital LAB & MITS Remix)
Kaskade & Swanky Tunes (feat. Lights) — No One Knows Who We Are [live]

While our aattention was captivated by Lights, our leader, in true Freak fashion pulls a disappearing act from the front control booth only to appear on a smaller control booth at the back of the space ship.  All the Freaks get some love as the soft beats start ‘Raining‘ down. Kaskade brings down the high energy of big room sounds to make room for the deeper grooves of the classics. Activate cruise control as the familiar lyrics of ‘Angel On My Shoulder’ inspires a rousing chorus, while the aural pleasure of ‘It’s You It’s Me makes you want to hug the person next to you to let them know that they are loved.   Enough cruising, ‘Sometimes’ you have to kick things back into ‘Power Drive.’ With the help of Pryda’s deep beats, Kaskade turns the energy back up a few notches to get us ready for the second half of the journey. Here we go!

Featured in Part 3:

Kaskade & Adam K (feat Sunsun) — Raining
Kaskade (Feat. Tamra Keenan) — Angel On My Shoulder
Kaskade — It’s You, It’s Me
Kaskade vs. Pryda — Sometimes Power Drive (Kaskade’s Atmosphere Mash Up)

Our attention turns to the moon rising behind the main control station as strings mournfully serenade us. Skylar Grey’s bone chilling voice rings loud and clear with a reminder message for us all, “don’t be fooled by your emptiness, there is so much more room for happiness.” Commanding the room, Skylar Grey delivers a beautifully haunting performance that launches into hyper speed as Kaskade reappears behind the main decks. This leg of the journey is full of feels. Becky Jean Williams’ voice echoes throughout leaving us hanging in a space where ‘Every Breath Is A Heartbeat‘. The ethereal sounds have freaks in tears, hugging each other and even providing the perfect stage for a marriage proposal. Nothing but love here, our hearts didn’t even stand a ‘Last Chance‘ from the emotional assault launched by our guide Kaskade. It all comes together with emotive and high energy mash ups that make you want to dance and cry at the same time. There is just ‘Something Something‘ when Kaskade gets on to the control booth and has everyone in the room sing the lyrics and then bounce up and down together. All together in the atmosphere.

Featured in Part 4:

Kaskade vs. Tiesto, Swanky Tunes & Dyro — Room For Noise [live] (Kaskade’s Atmosphere Mash Up)
Late Night Alumni — Every Breath Is Like A Heartbeat (Myon & Shane 54 Mix)
Kaskade & Project 46 — Last Chance (Extended)
Kaskade & Project 46 — Last Chance (Clockwork Remix)
Kaskade vs. Bingo Players & Ken Loi — Missing You Out Of My Mind (Kaskade’s Outside Lands Mash Up)
Kaskade & Zip Zip Through The Night vs. Moguai — Something Something Champs (Kaskade’s Atmosphere Mash Up)

Now that our hearts are turned to mush and we just want to cry and hug each other, Kaskade tells us ‘Don’t Stop Dancing’. It’s easy; just do as the bouncing diamond does. Trying to make us sweat, ‘Everything’ in this leg of the journey is artfully combined with high energy dance tracks. Our leader knows we are ‘Young and Beautiful’ enough to handle it all. Glimpses of lightning, aliens and distant planets can be seen through the large windows, such a sight to behold. If only this space odyssey would last until ‘4am’.

Featured in Part 5:

Kaskade vs. Wayne & Woods & Henrix — Don’t Stop Jumangee (Kaskade’s Atmosphere Mash Up)
Kaskade vs. Florian Picasso – Everything Artefact (Kaskade’s Atmosphere Mash Up)
Lana Del Rey — Young And Beautiful (Kaskade Remix)
Kaskade vs. Hard Rock Sofa, Mor Avrahami & Elkana Paz — 4AM 2ME (Kaskade’s Atmosphere Mash Up)
Kaskade & Tiesto vs. Paris & Simo — Only You Tundra (Kaskade’s Atmosphere Mash Up)

Now on our last leg of our journey, we are still riding the wave of intense energy through the atmosphere. It’s bitter sweet as we look out the windows to see beautiful ‘Stars Align’. We have seen things and felt things here that we will remember for the rest of our lives. The Freaks will always be ‘Chasing How It Is’ in the atmosphere. Keeping our spirits up as we come crashing down from the heights of the atmosphere, Kaskade reminds us all that ‘Together We Are (a) Dynasty’. It’s time for us to land, settling back down to earth, we grab our loved ones and we can see all the wonder and amazement of the experience in their ‘Eyes’. Confetti flies to commemorate the wondrous journey we all embarked on together. Just as the show started, cheers erupt from the crowd and everyone chants “Kaskade, Kaskade, Kaskade.” The Freaks want more.

Coming back with a double encore, Kaskade understands the need for nostalgia with ‘I Remember‘, sending a message that this moment will stay with us and we are all connected having experienced it together. With all that elation ending on high note is a must with a little more dance, ‘Turn It Down Animals!’

 Featured in Part 6:

Kaskade vs. Qulinez — Stars Troll
Kaskade vs. Tiesto, R3hab & Quintino — Chasing How It Is (Kaskade’s UMF Mash Up)
Kaskade vs. Arty & Audien — Together We Are Dynasty (Kaskade’s Paradiso Mash Up)
Kaskade — Eyes (Extended)
Kaskade — Eyes (Swanky Tunes Remix)
Deadmau5 & Kaskade — I Remember (Strobelite Edit)
Kaskade vs. Martin Garrix — Turn It Down Animals (Kaskade’s Paradiso Mash Up)

Kaskade successfully took his loyal Freaks on a once in a lifetime journey through time and space, guiding everyone through emotional crescendos and turbulent dance drops, which left everyone behind in a whirlwind of visual and aural satisfaction. Until next time.