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Top 10 Most Jaw-Dropping EDM Christmas Lightshows

The holidays are here again and with them come the creativity for light shows on houses. What better way to put on a memorable performance than to sync the lights with EDM?! The dedication. The hard work. The electric bills. All worth it to showcase the true meaning of Christmas: Skrillex. We’ve compiled the top 10 best performances, check em out:

1) “Cool house with synchronized Dubstep and Christmas lights 2013”

2) “Hallett’s Christmas Lightshow- Capital Kings Carol Of Bells Dubstep”

3) “Dubstep Christmas lights full intro”

4) “2013 Christmas Light Show – Skrillex”

5) “2013 Johnson Family Dubstep Christmas Light Show”

6) “Awesome dubsteb Christmas lights”

7) “Christmas Light Show Cinema Skrillex LOR”

8) “Cadger Christmas Light Show 2013 “Silver Bells” Dubstep Remix”

9) “DUBSTEP Bad Santa Crazy Christmas Lights Ky”

10) Christmas Lightshow with dance music hits

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