DVBBS & VINAI – Raveology


It’s time for a lesson in everyone’s favorite subject: Raveology. Spinnin’ Records released the short preview video for the upcoming track about a month ago and the masterminds behind it have finally been revealed. Canadian brothers DVBBS and Italian brothers VINAI teamed up to create this electro/big-room anthem that is sure to be a festival favorite. Similar to DVBBS chart-topping hit “Tsunami”, the track was listed as an ID for weeks, which only helped build its hype. Although the marketing strategy may have been similar, the song is quite different from both “Tsunami” and DVBBS’s follow up “Stampede”, as it strays away from the stereotypical┬ábig-room style that they have become known for. Check out the full version when it is released on January 13th and get your honorary degree in Raveology!