Jordy Dazz & BassJackers – Battle (Official Music Video)


Jordy Dazz & BassJackers – Battle | Beatport

With all the success stories coming from the Dutch in the EDM world, you never see much competition…until now. In the official music video for their new collaboration “Battle,” Jordy Dazz and Bassjackers go head to head in what can be seen as a “what successful DJs do in their free time-a-thon.” The 3 boneheads embark in activities so ridiculous that they actually intrigue you enough to give off the right bass-heavy, razor sharp electro-synth vibe that the track employs. The Jackers, along with Dazz’s tendency to implode the big-room, add another raging track to the upcoming festival sets in 2014 that are sure shock the world.  From chess to champagne bottle-popping wars, just a few middle-aged guys trying to blow off some steam is enough to hype up their fans for the song’s release on February 10th.