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Kaskade Ft. Project 46 – Last Chance (Official Music Video)

Last night at 3am on MTV Clubland, a special music video premiered. Not one to stay up that late on a school night? Don’t worry, EDMTunes has your back! The music video for one of  Kaskade’s newest and most popular tracks, ‘Last Chance’ is out to the masses. It isn’t often that a Kaskade track comes along with a music video, so this is pretty special. The track is a collaboration with Canadian duo, Project 46, and together with Kaskade they deliver an emotive and euphoric sound. In the video, the tempo, melody and crescendos of the track are paired with beautiful and poignant imagery, with the central image being of a girl under water trying to rise to the surface. It is shot in a way that portrays snapshots of memories and feelings. This video visually captures the emotion of the song and drives the lyrics of ‘Last Chance‘ straight to the heart.

Marijke U.
House Head. Kaskade Freak. Los Angeles. Tweet Me: @marijkedmt
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