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Perry Farrell Plans To Bring EDM Musical to Las Vegas

According to an interview with Rolling Stone, the enigmatic front man for Jane’s Addiction has confirmed that his plans to bring EDM into a Broadway setting are in the works. Teaming up with Joachim Garraud, the two will produce a musical “with house sensibility” entitled Kind Heaven. The plot is set in a war torn Thailand, and viewers will witness “a love story with a very modern scenario”. But, it won’t be your standard on stage play as the scenes will play out around the audience in an “immersive” style of show. A deal with a venue in Las Vegas has yet to be established, but Farrell is hard at work to bring his grand ideas to life. For the time being, he has put his role in Jane’s Addiction on hold to devote his time to Kind Heaven and Lollapalooza. Check out the full interview at Rolling Stone.

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