Afrojack Uploads Handful of Tunes to New SoundCloud as ‘Nick van de Wall’


Here’s a little something to make your Monday a bit more enjoyable. Afrojack has given his Twitter followers a little gift for being there before he hits his 1 million follower milestone. The gift is a new SoundCloud account under his actual name, Nick van de Wall, and it includes some freebies. The SoundCloud showcases some of Nick’s more personal tracks that the he wouldn’t necessarily release under his Afrojack moniker, or play in his usual sets. Tracks like “Who Got It” shows the Dutchman’s ability to fuse the sounds of hip hop and house together by sampling Jay-Z and Rick Ross’s “FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt” and adding his signature sound to create a splendid fusion between hip hop and dance music.

At the same time, “Udi (Rocker)” is something reminiscent of his older sounds from a few years ago that show a darker and more raw bassline complemented by his epic buildups. Then you have “Kamehameha,” which again shows his older, yet more lighthearted and melodic, progressive roots. The track samples Goku from the classic TV show Dragonball Z to create a fun and lively feel. This is not the first time we have heard of Afrojack’s alter ego, as he previously performed as Nick van de Wall at last year’s Ultra Music Festival in Miami. The tracks are something different than what you would normally hear from Afrojack and are definitely worth the listen. Check out his SoundCloud here, and take a listen to a few of the aforementioned tracks below.