[Video] Armin van Buuren Unleashes Thumping New Tune ‘Ping Pong’ during ASOT650 Utrecht


Is there seriously anyone cooler than Armin Van Buuren? Other than being one of the most beloved DJs in the world, Armin is taking his ASOT650 tour to special locations, and seems to be having a blast doing it. Back in November Armin dropped a new track entitled ‘Ping Pong’, which had the EDM world abuzz. Well, Ping Pong is back and is here to stay. Armin has announced via soundcloud that ‘Ping Pong’ will be out March 24th, and just about everyone else is promising that you will be hearing it all summer long. The song has a slow build, like a ping pong ball bouncing back and forth between two paddles. As it progresses, the passings get more frequent and slow down, creating a perfect rhythm of high energy and big room sound before delving into a progressive electro banger. Ping Pong was made to be played into the ground and it will be; but for now, enjoy this video of Armin dropping smiley faces on the crowd.