Believe It or Not: Sound System Reaches Life-Threatening Decibel Levels


Well, science has done it. This sound system is actually too loud. Not too loud for your home, not too loud for your neighbors, but too loud for any human’s ears to physically bare. In fact, these speakers could actually kill you.

New, from the European Space Agency, a 5 story tall, 36 foot wide system consisting of 2 monster horns. These horns produce a range of tones that could reach (and apparently exceed) 154 decibels. How loud is that exactly? An average iPod can reach 130 decibels at full volume. 130 to 154 may not seem like that large of a difference, until you realize that an increase of 24 means that the intensity of the sound is MULTIPLIED by 24. In short, this is about as loud as several passenger jets taking off while you are only inches away. Covering your ears will do nothing. Ear plugs will not help. Nothing will. The walls are coated with epoxy resin to absorb the sound waves, then coated with steel reinforced concrete, along with numerous rubber pads -have fun in there! Hey Excision, you might want to look into this…

-via Mixmag