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Boys Noize – Out Of The Black – The Remixes (Incl. Snoop Dogg Music Video)


The long anticipated release of Boys Noize remix album “Out Of The Black – The Remixes” has finally hit shelves and with it brings an entirely new look to some of Boys Noize’s staple songs. The album consists of  10 songs with remixes from Audion (Matthew Dear), Jimmy Edgar, Blood Diamonds, Chemical Brothers, Justice and Chromeo. It will also feature 2 re-edits done by Alexander Ridha himself. These tunes give a totally different spin on the Boys Noize sound we have come accustomed to hearing.

For instance there is The Chemical Brothers remix of XTC which takes the original track and brings it on a trip through space, seemingly pulling it through a warp drive. The Chemical Brothers kept what was great about the original song intact while putting their own spin on it.

Then there’s the Chromeo remix of ‘What You Want’ which takes the grimey, filthy original and gives it a funky feel, influencing it with the new sound that Chromeo has started to work with. They essentially replaced all the wobbles with 70’s guitar licks and that energetic synthesizer that has shown disco isn’t dead. The album comes out today (February 3rd) on BoysNoize Records and is available on iTunes here and Beatport here.

The Pièce de résistance to this album though is the release of the music video ‘Got It’ with Snoop Dogg. This music video has the king himself rapping and vibing out to the track, showing that he still has got the moves.

Full Tracklist:

  1. What You Want (Jimmy Edgar Unreleased Dub MixAlb)
  2. Xtc (MMM Remix Boys Noize Re-Did)
  3. Missile (Boys Noize DJ Edit)
  4. Conchord featuring Siriusmo (Oliver Remix)
  5. Ich R U (Justice Remix)
  6. Got It featuring Snoop Dogg (Blood Diamonds Remix)
  7. What You Want (Chromeo Remix)
  8. XTC (The Chemical Brothers Remix)
  9. Stop (Audion’s Acid State Mix)
  10. Circus Full Of Clowns feat. Gizzle (Housemeister Remix)
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