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Changing Times in Vegas: New Club Bans Mainstream Tracks and Improper DJing

In what appears to be an effort to not only set themselves apart from the mainstream-obssessed Las Vegas dance music scene, but also attempt to help evolve and improve upon the American EDM scene, AFTER Las Vegas, a new club set to open on February, has released a set of rules that more or less bans all of the things that dance music purists poke fun at. No trap, no dubstep, and from the list of banned discographies, fairly strict regulations on big room house or pop records.

You actually have to be doing something up there as well, as the basic gist of the DJing rules is: don’t do anything that could even be considered pre-recorded or lazy. And while these restrictions only apply to after 3:00am, they are definitely a potential breath of fresh air for those seeking a more underground styled set in Vegas -something that is pretty tough to find amongst the list of current mainstream residencies.

This sort of style of clubbing doesn’t need a list of spoken rules in the rest of the world (for the most part), however, the mainstream monster that is Las Vegas certainly does not party this way, and neither do a vast majority of “EDM” centered clubs in the rest of the United States. Without a doubt, this is a refreshing project by the people at AFTER, and one that we hope catches on in the rest of the country. There’s a lot of dance music out there folks, and while there’s definitely a time and a place for trap and big room house, that time shouldn’t be all the time. Check out AFTER’s website for more details on its opening acts and resident DJs.

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