Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Chromeo – Come Alive (Le Youth Remix)

All too often, we hear songs and remixes smothered with unnecessary complexity, caked with overpowering sounds. Lucky for us, Los Angeles DJ Le Youth has found a finesse in simplicity – adhering to leisurely grooves and airy synthesizers that “pull a listener back to the pre=millennial, pre-Internet days when dance music offered a transcendentally blissful brand of hedonism.” Well put.

Recently, Le Youth has had his hand in a remix of Disclosure’s “Voices” and his original track “C O O L,” which is a play on the throwback “Me And You” by Cassie. Released today is a remix of Chromeo’s funk masterpiece “Come Alive,” which Le Youth transforms into a contagiously chill and stripped down groove. Give the remix a listen, and catch the release of his single “Dance with Me” featuring Dominique Young Unique on February 9th.

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