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Datsik Literally Brings Roof Down in Chicago

A partial ceiling collapse at a Datsik concert in Chicago has three people in the hospital after their concert in Concord Music Hall Friday night.  Although certainly no laughing matter, all signs point to exactly what musicians joke about all the time, the vibrations from the intense bass (typically found at a Datsik show) literally brought (part of) the ceiling down.

Datsik immediately took to Twitter to send his regards to the fans, none of whom were seriously injured.

As far as the venue, Concord released their statement later Saturday:

“Concord Music Hall has voluntarily agreed to close until further notice due to a section of plaster falling from its ceiling during a show last night. During this time, Concord will fully cooperate with all City of Chicago officials to ensure that there are no ongoing concerns for the safety of its patrons and its employees.”

Gideon Miller
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