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deadmau5 Trolls Wildstylez with a Hardstyle Track ‘DAT KICK DOE’

Based on yesterday’s claims, deadmau5 has claimed that producer Wildstylez had stolen parts of his track, “Some Chords”. The new song by Wildstylez is called “Straightforward” and once deadmau5 started in on the hardstyle DJ on Twitter, he didn’t stop. Joel Zimmerman, the man inside the mau5 head, went to his website’s live feed to chat and start his composition for a hard style track. Today, and according to deadmau5, seven hours later, we have his finished project:


Wow…”Dat Kick Doe” really blew us away. Such style. Such progression. All one minute and twenty two seconds of pure hardstyle (well, according to Joel). Everyone should know by now how he does his revenge and this is clearly a parody meant to prove the point he made yesterday. Props to him for being able to take trolling to other levels, and not one to leave out his opinion, Mat Zo took to Twitter to share his own jokes with Zimmerman.






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