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Gareth Emery ft. Bo Bruce – U (Evan Duffy Piano Arrangement)

It’s always impressive when DJs are able to sprinkle their instrumental influence into their songs – perfect examples being Zedd on piano, Derek Vincent Smith on guitar, or Griz on the saxophone. It’s equally, if not more impressive, for someone to translate a song of electronic synths and layered tracks into a beautiful, classical piano score. And supported by numerous DJs from Deadmau5 to Mat Zo, Los Angeles-based composer Evan Duffy has made an art of doing just that.

Duffy’s recent piano arrangement of Gareth Emery’s “U,” a track already profiled with progressive electric guitar and piano melodies, provides a profoundly rich soundscape of both deep and intricate melodies. Evans piece not only speaks to the caliber of his own compositional acumen, but also to the complex musicianship packed into Emery’s track. For all your classical EDM folks out there, check out “U” and Evan’s other arrangements.

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