Kaskade Creates Video Throwback Series – ‘The Vault’


A veteran of the scene who shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon and as one of the few electronic music giants who takes the time out of his busy schedule to reply to his fans on Twitter, play games for prizes and offer up his music for free, it is no wonder Kaskade has a massive following that sticks by him no matter what. It’s all personal. Finding new ways to connect with his fans and build that personal connection beyond his music is something Kaskade has mastered. This time around Kaskade presents a new Youtube video series called ‘The Vault‘. This series will consist of various behind the scenes throwback footage of tours, shows, studio sessions and Kaskade’s life around the world. ┬áThe debut episode features content from Kaskade’s 2011 tour in Australia. Get ready for a flashback down under! A new episode will air every Wednesday on Kaskade’s Youtube channel at 10AM PST/1PM EST.