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Pasquale Rotella Hints at Potential Rolling Stone Cover with Holly Madison

It has become extremely clear that Rolling Stone has absolutely no idea what to do with the incredible hype surrounding Electronic Dance Music.  Less than three months after Rolling Stone Italy made the oh so bold claim that “EDM is Fake music,” and less than two months after Rolling Stone’s 50 greatest albums of 2013 featured three electronic albums, Pasquale Rotella has leaked a photo of none other than him and his beautiful wife on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine. Regardless of if this is an actual Rolling Stone issue, it is interesting to ponder the internal struggles within the magazine as they attempt to embrace a genre of music that they have not been very kind to in the past. Regardless, it remains clear that EDM shall not be ignored, as the cultural swoon around the currently most popular music genre continues to reach Category 5 levels of hype.

On behalf of the entire electronic community, we don’t judge you Rolling Stone, and thank you for continuing to show us love.  This genre has made a career of collecting negative opinions, and just keeps getting stronger. In the meantime, if you could caption this picture… what would you say they’re thinking?

Gideon Miller
I spend my weeks hard at work, "one deeper" inside corporate America, headphones in, getting my fix as a progressive house and trance 2.0 junkie. On the weekends though...I am on a quest to experience the best electronica our world has to offer.
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