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TyDi Challenges Fans To A Contest Beyond The Realm of EDM And Remixing

On his flight from Los Angeles to New York, tyDi composed a song in about an hour. ‘Little Voices’ is not another dance track but rather a melodic piano composition and a lesson in music theory. The talented producer has decided to challenge his fans to really consider the nuances of music. Releasing the sheet music, but not a midi file, tyDi wants musicians to cover ‘Little Voices‘ and make it their own. Going beyond remixing and EDM, this contest is open to musicians of all sorts. Contestants must upload their submissions to YouTube and the winner will receive something special from tyDi. Here is his message:

Ok guys I’m going to really try and challenge myself here! I’m currently on a flight from LA to NYC and we have 4 hours to go. I’m going to try and write the most stunning piano piece that I possibly I can in that time, and at the end of the flight I’ll give away the song + the actual sheet music so anyone can play it. Whoever does the most impressive cover and uploads it to youtube will get an incredible prize from me! You can cover it by reading the sheet music or just by ear! This is the start! 4 hours and counting…


So grab your guitars, tamborines, drums, kazoos, rainsticks or whatever instrument suits your fancy, download the sheet music here and get to work!

Marijke U.
House Head. Kaskade Freak. Los Angeles. Tweet Me: @marijkedmt
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